"If you ever begin looking for the God that is all around you, 
every moment becomes a prayer."
                                                                           - Frank Bianco

Days of Reflection, Retreats and Parish Missions
...such as:

  • What Does Time Mean to You (The Spirituality of Time)
  • The Holiness of the 97%: The Spirituality of the Everyday
  • I Will Not Die an Unlived Life:                                                                 Reclaiming Purpose and Passion 
  • In the Midst of Busyness:                                                                         Comfort and Challenge of Lent                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Let us Pray All Ways Always 
  • How Does God Act in Your Life?
  • Are You a Mary or a Martha?                                                            
  • A Morning of Grace
  • Living a Contemplative Life
  • Life Lessons from the Mystics

  • Everyday Disciples: An Amazing Journey 
  • Daring Women: Dwelling in Everyday Holiness 
  • The Comfort and Challenge of Appreciative Gratitude                               
  • Balanced or Lopsided; Anchored or Top-Heavy: How Does Spirituality Help?
  • What We Believe: Praying and Living the Creed
  • Everyday Spirituality: Encountering God in Daily Life
  • Life's Interruptions: Frustrating Disturbances or Holy Gifts?
  • The Call to be Pray-ers: The Joy and the Challenge
  • Amid Questions and Transitions: What Tugs at our Hearts?
  • Who is the Holy Spirit? What Does the Holy Spirit Do?

  • Savoring Chocolate and Us: Celebrating Women's Relationships, our Goodness and Craving for More
  • The Chocolate Times of our Lives
  • The Wholeness of our Spiritual Life
  • Humor and Spirituality
  • Special You: Your Unique Prayer Style; Your Exceptional Gifts

  • Advent: What are We Really Waiting For?
  • Advent: Season of Comfort and Hope
  • Advent's Many Messages, Marvels and Mysteries
  • Advent: Life Lessons from Mary and Elizabeth
  • Where Does Lent this Year Find Me? Called by...Yearning For...Challenged to Be...  
  • Lent: A Time to Loose the Weight of the World
  • Lenten Lessons from the Mystics
  • Lent/Easter: A Celebration of Both/And
  • Confronted by Death, Challenged by Resurrection: The Call of Lent/Easter