"Good leaders must first become good servants."
                                                                       - Robert Greenleaf

Opportunities for Those in Parish Leadership
...such as:

  • The Spirituality of Ministry
  • The Spirituality of Leadership
  • The Whys and Whats of a Welcoming Parish
  • 36 Ways to Be A Welcoming Parish
  • Called to Leadership:  Mirroring the Ministry of Jesus (Parish Leaders)

  • Myers Briggs for Parish Staffs
  • Ministering as a Mission-Focused Parish Staff
  • A New Year: As a Community in Mission
  • Parish Staffs: Called to Welcoming and Caring
  • Balanced or Lopsided: Where Are You?
  • Renew and Rejoice Retreat (Catechetical Leaders)
  • The Catechumenate as a Model for ALL Catechesis
  • With Incredible Gratitude: Sharing the Fire in Our Hearts   
                      (Catechetical Leaders)
  • Called Together as Leaders:  Ministering as One, Leading Our Eucharistic Community  (Parish Council-Commissions)

  • The Journey Through Skill to Conversion (Liturgical Ministers)
  • Gathered Faithfully, Serving Lovingly, Responding Always Anew
                   (Liturgical Ministers)
  • Servant Leadership:  The World Might Not Connect These Words; Jesus Does (Parish Council and Commissions)
  • Called to Servant Leadership (nurses; parish staff, etc.)
  • Dreaming and Planning:  Through the Lens of Excellent Parishes
                   (Parish Council and Commissions)

  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective Education Commissions
  • Called to Pastoral Leadership (Parish Councils)
  • The Call to Leadership:  Gifts and Time for Others
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective Leaders
  • Living Jesus' Call: Wow! What a Ride
  • Evangelization: Who We Are
  • Our Wondrous Everyday Moments: Lives and Ministries Saturated by God’s Presence (Catechetical Leaders)
  • Called to Ministry, Called to Serve
  • Self-Care: Living the Full Life
  • Self-Care is Not Selfish
  • Being Hospitable While Maintaining Your Balance 
  • Finding Peace in a Hectic and Busy World