Formation Opportunities       
need to be planned by and for the needs of the participants.  

I look forward to designing 

-- with you -- 

programs and processes that responds to your current needs, 
interests, pastoral plan and vision.

Some Possibilities and Potentials 
that can be Personalized and Perfectly-Fitted 

are suggested on the following pages, but these are only 
beinnnings, possibilities.  

The needs of your community, the current calls and challenges 
of our Church and world are the "stuff" of 
today's faith formation. 

In addition to the areas and "beginning" topics 
on the following pages, 
you might also have need for:

Days of reflection for parish staffs
Days of reflection for school faculties
Sacramental Parent Meetings

RCIA gatherings and retreats
Days of reflection for liturgical ministers
in-service sessions/days of reflection for Parish Pastoral Councils

Advent Teas 
In-service sessions for Education Commissions and 
Adult Faith Formation Committees

Days of reflection/in-service for parish leadership
Adult sessions for family/intergenerational programs

Janet Schaeffler, OP
[email protected]