"It is important to remember that no matter how unusual a family shape may be, 
grace is there, in all the vast spaces and details that make up that family's life."
                                                              - Dolores Leckey in The Ordinary Way 

"It is not the job of parishes to 'bring Christ' to families, 
but to honor the presence of Christ already there."
                                                - Bishop Anthony M. Pilla at Oberlin College, 1995

Parenting and Family Workshops
...such as:  

  • Family Faith: Making Faith Real in Everyday Life
  • Families and Advent
  • Jesse Tree Workshop with Families
  • What is Family Prayer?
  • Will our Children Have Faith?
  • Advent Workshop for Families
  • Children and Grief
  • Nurturing Family Spirituality
  • Finding Room for God in Family Life
  • Amen Among the Crammed Calendars and Crumbled Cookies: You, Too, Can Find Time and Space for Family Prayer

  • Blessed By Peanut Butter, Dirty Laundry and Squirmy Children
  • Motherhood and Lent:  Is There a Connection?
  • Lenten Plans for Busy Families
  • Is There Life after First Communion?
  • Faith around the Table and amid the Dust:  Fostering Rituals and Traditions in the Home
  • Stress Survival Manual:  How Faith Can Help Your Family Cope
  • Nurturing a God-centered, Growing, Generous Family
  • Moms and Dads: If You Want Peace at Home... (Catholic Social Teaching and the Family)
  • Called to be the Hands of Christ in the World
  • Families of Prayer, Families of Care
  • Support for Grandparents in our Parishes